Dental Mammoth — eBook

  • Dental Mammoth – Foundations of Clinical Dentistry, 1st Edition

    This unique, comprehensive book of oral health covers all dental specialties in its 60 chapters and 1,156 pages. It is an invaluable textbook for undergraduate and post-graduate students alike and a perfect handbook for clinicians. There are more than 130 top professionals in their respective fields contributing to this giant opus. The updates of the content are free of charge until 31 December, 2016

    Oral health is a vast science. Even the most experienced scholars and general dental practitioners must have good reference books. Dental Mammoth – Foundations of Clinical Dentistry is a perfect book for that purpose. Written in an easy to read manner and with a massive volume of clinical pictures it will become the must-have volume for modern oral health practitioners.

    Dental Mammoth – Foundations of Clinical Dentistry helps students and dental professionals in their studies and continuous professional development. This is one of a kind solid and comprehensive information package of oral health. An essential book for everyone aiming high.


    * Provides a comprehensive picture of all dental specialties. Diagnosis, treatment, follow-up. Hundreds of images of clinical procedures.
    * Perfect for learning, works beautifully as a reference book for clinicians.
    * Over 130 contributors – all acknowledged experts in their respective fields.
    * The updating of content is free of charge until 31 December, 2016.