Dental Mammoth Onboard Sailjet40 – The Seas And Harbors Round The World Will Be Visited

The accomplished professionals in oral health have been sailing now (13 August 2014) for 32 days in their huge trip. S/Y MeridentOptergo is at the moment in Calais, France, and it left Helsinki in early July. The yacht is full of the most modern technique and inventions. S/Y MeridentOptergo has two masts, it is exceptionally light but equipped with a very powerful engine. The idea of the trip is to try out in hard conditions all the new ideas of building a modern yacht. At the same time it will be tested how a long trip in a yacht affects the team dynamics. You can follow the trip at

Dental Mammoth is with this voyage not only in spirit but also through the crew (Heikki Murtomaa) and of course through the book: Foundations of Clinical Dentistry is visiting all the harbors with S/Y MeridentOptergo where it will be introduced to dental professionals. The book is like an old sailor – a friend at every harbor!

Sailjet Merident Optegro
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Dental Mammoth Present In Tartu, Riga And New Delhi

Dental Mammoth is there where the action is. In August and September 2014 our team is following the latest ideas and the most active people first in Tartu at Estonian Annual Dental Meeting August 22-23, then in Riga at 40th ADEE Annual Meeting August 28-30 and finally in Greater Noida (close to New Delhi) at FDI Annual World Dental Congress September 11-14 (stand C83). At all these events, we are also as exhibitors introducing the Dental Mammoth online service, Foundations of Clinical Dentistry -handbook and our new E-books. Welcome to get acquainted with us and have a chat!

FDI Annual World Dental Congress
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A Very Successful Conference In London

The Clinical Innovations Conference was arranged in London at Kings Place on May 9 – May 10 2014 by Smile-on Healthcare Learning. The Managing Director of Dental Mammoth Ltd., Mr. Heikki Autti and Marketing Communications Manager Mr. Lauri Hiekkaranta were also enjoying a good opportunity to meet prominent and skilled oral health professionals from all over the world at the conference. On Saturday, a parallel conference and annual meeting of the British Society for Oral Medicine (BSOM) was also arranged. Professor Crispian Scully, CBE, FMedSci, DSc – who is a member of the Editorial Board of Dental Mammoth – was acting as a host to this conference since he is the President of BSOM.


In the picture Professor Scully (left) and Managing Director Autti are on a coffee break during the conferences looking at some details in a conference programme. All in all the number and quality of lectures was very high and the delegates were actively participating in conversations during and in-between the lectures. The next CIC will be held in London 12 June – 13 June 2015. It is very much worth attending.

The Clinical Innovations Conference
  • The Clinical Innovations Conference
  • Heikki Autti
  • Crispian Scully
The Member Of The Editorial Board Heikki Murtomaa Appointed As The Visiting Professor To Japan

The member of the Editorial Board of Dental Mammoth – Foundations of Clinical Dentistry, the emeritus professor of Oral Medicine at Helsinki University Heikki Murtomaa, has been appointed as the visiting professor of Japanese Kyushu Dental University. The new career in Japan began handsomely in May 2014 in the hundredth anniversaries of the Kyushu Dental University. The conference of teaching dental medicine was arranged in the same connection. Professor Murtomaa was acting as a Keynote speaker in the conference.


In the picture principal, professor Nishihara of the Kyushu Dental University and professor Murtomaa have just performed the solemn ceremony of opening the wooden sake barrel with a wooden club. The sake that was offered to all the people present produces good luck according to a Japanese tradition. However, more than luck the visiting professor needs steady know-how and experience. The emeritus professor Murtomaa indeed is a former president for European Association for Dental Education and a member of the board of the International Federation of Dental Educators and Associations.

Professors Heikki Murtomaa and Nishihara
  • Heikki Murtomaa
  • professor Nishihara
  • Kyushu Dental University
Very Successful Survey Trip To India

At the beginning of February 2014 managing director Heikki Autti and Marketing Communications Manager Lauri Hiekkaranta of Dental Mammoth visited New Delhi area in India for a week. They became well acquainted with the business conditions of India and different opportunities to cooperate with the local companies. In the program there were visits to several dental colleges in Delhi area, meetings with the leaders of these colleges and with some 20 professors. Also discussions with the students were held.


Furthermore, they became acquainted, among others, with the dental clinics and with the dental clinic chains, with the printing houses and publishing houses and with the bookstore chains. Also some preparations for participating in the FDI exhibition in Delhi area in September 2014 were made.


India is a big country and full of possibilities. Already in one week’s time you get a good idea of the similarities and differences in business practices. Fortunately, learning, teaching, the need and desire for the information are more or less the same everywhere. In these respects India and Finland are surprisingly similar.

Dental Mammoth survey trip to India
  • Heikki Autti
  • Lauri Hiekkaranta
Dental Mammoth India Web Service Opened

The internationalization of Dental Mammoth proceeds – at the moment strongest in India. We opened on the 3rd of April 2014 the DM web service localized to India in which there are not only DentalNews and DentalSearch but also the directory of the actors of the dental field in India. There is, of course, at the heart of the web service, the Clinical Database which the students as well as the ready clinicians can utilize.


There are 180,000 dentists, 120,000 dental students and 320 dental universities in India. They all study and can work in English. So, there is a huge demand and a market potential for Dental Mammoth’s services.

Indian dentists
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Dental Mammoth Visits Tanzania

Dental Mammoth Visits Tanzania With A Business Delegation And Prime Minister Katainen And Minister For International Development Haavisto.


Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen and Minister for International Development Pekka Haavisto travel to Ethiopia and Tanzania on 26–31 January. The purpose of the visit is to strengthen bilateral relations and trade and development links, as well as promoting export and internationalisation opportunities for Finnish companies in Ethiopia and Tanzania.


During this Team Finland trip for the promotion of exports and internationalisation, the Prime Minister and the Minister for International Development will be accompanied by a business delegation, assembled by Finpro, with representatives from 27 Finnish companies. Among these is Dentist Juha Ruotoistenmäki from Dental Mammoth as an oral health expert. Our aim is to support dental education in East-Africa and export the best Finnish dental expertise. Doctor Ruotoistenmäki will continue with this project in Tanzania until 23 February 2014.

Team Finland
  • Finpro
  • Juha Ruotoistenmäki
Healthcare Learning And Dental Mammoth Ltd Cooperating

Healthcare Learning (HCL) – – is a highly appreciated English company that offers, among other things, e-learning services. HCL e-learning courses can be acquired through Dental Mammoth Ltd.

Healthcare Learning (HCL)
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Welcome to become acquainted with the products and services of Dental Mammoth to the Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition in Helsinki!

The Dental Mammoth products are out in the department of Academica-Kustannus Oy in Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition in Helsinki 7.11.-9.11.2013. The number of our exhibition stand is 1g9. Welcome to visit us!

Hammaslääkäripäivät 2013
  • Academica-Kustannus
  • Terveysportti
Celebrating at the Indian embassy in Helsinki – cooperation

H. E. Mr. A. Manickam, the Indian Ambassador to Finland, was a generous host in Helsinki October 16 2013 on the occasion of signing a protocol between VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) and Tooltech Ltd. On the same occasion, we presented the first English version of Therapia Odontologica: ”Dental Mammoth, Fundamentals of Clinical Dentistry”. The book was received by Mr. Atul Khanna who has cooperated with Dental Mammoth Ltd already for a year and a half in order to open the Indian markets.

Celebrating at the Indian embassy in Helsinki – cooperation
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