Ministry For Foreign Affairs Of Finland Supports The Internationalization Of Dental Mammoth Ltd

In June 2013 Ministry for foreign affairs of Finland decided to support Dental Mammoth Ltd through Finnpartnership Business Partnership programme. The money is to be used for planning and implementing projects in developing countries. This supported programme will continue until 2015.

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Dental Mammoth Ltd. supports all dental professionals and students in their clinical work and studies and in finding relevant information easily. We are a specialist organization that was established in 2012. Dental Mammoth exports products and services that have been developed in Finland and used here with great success. In other markets we cooperate with the best local experts in localizing products and services to meet the local needs perfectly. At the core of the business is publishing, on which many other value-added services are based on.

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Finpro and Dental Mammoth Ltd cooperating in Indian exports

In October 2013 Finpro and Dental Mammoth Ltd signed a deal and decided to cooperate in Indian exports. Finpro supports Dental Mammoth’s exports by giving its knowhow, experience and large network of experts and business connections to our use. The first country where this cooperation takes place is India.

Founded in 1919 by Finnish companies, Finpro now has some 550 members: Finnish companies, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. A public-private organization and part of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy Group, Finpro also works closely with other players in the Finnish innovation ecosystem such as ELY-centers, Tekes and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. As well as carrying out assignments to companies, Finpro runs several major national projects, such as Cleantech Finland, Future Learning Finland and FinlandCare.

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