Clinical Database:


Over 8,500 easy to use clinical articles and guidelines supported by scientific evidence.


Dental Search


Dental Search offers dental professionals and students an excellent search engine for products and professional articles. Only relevant, hand-picked dental sources (over 2,000). Besides the traditional term search there is also the possibility to define the search results by using filters.




SFINX and PHARAO are drug interaction and adverse drug effects databases. They offer evidence based decision support for drug therapy. All interactions are described at the level of generic drug. They both operate with a single user-interface.




GRAVBASE and LACTBASE offer decision support for drug use in pregnancy and lactation. In addition to clinically used drugs, information exists also on vitamins, illicit substances of abuse and commonly used substances such as caffeine and nicotine.




HERBALBASE offers evidence based analysis on the efficacy and safety of natural medicines. Substances from herbal, fungal, faunal and synthetic origins are covered.




RENBASE is a unique decision support database on the safety and dosage modifications of drugs in patients with renal failure. Powerful search methods enable quick help for decision making when prescribing medications.




HEPARBASE gives unique decision support for drug treatment in hepatic impairment. In addition to clinically used drugs, information exists also on vitamins and micronutrients.